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This tutorial will show you how to modify your header. As you can see, you can make changes to the text color as well as the background colors. Let's try it out. Make your color selection from the color pallette. As you can see, when you mouse over color, the hexadecimal code is displayed here. Alternatively, if you have specific hexadecimal codes you wish to use... you can enter them using the Advanced tab. At any time, you can also click to go back to the original default colors. You can also click to "revert" to the last color, but this will only go back one step and will not work once you have saved any changes. Once you are satisfied with your selection, click to save the changes. Let's take a look at the results in the site. Here is the original design, and on refreshing the page... we now see the modified header. Note that aside from text and background color, you can also change the actual text. You can also change the tagline that appears under the main title. As you can see, the text has been successfully changed. You are now able to modify your header. 
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