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This tutorial will show you how to manage categories. Categories are a convenient and efficient way categorizing the various posts in your blog. By Default, a category called "Uncategorized" is already created in your weblog. Let's click to edit it. Let's give the category a new name. Leave it as "None" if you would like this to remain as a top level category. If you wish to make it a subcategory of another, select the parent category from this drop down list. You can optionally enter a description. Now let's see how to create a new category. Give the new category a name. Again, decide if you wish to make this a top level category or a subcategory. As you can see, the category has been successfully created. When viewing your site... you will see that the new category does not display. Don't worry, it will show up as soon as it is populated with at least one post. You are now able to manage categories.
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