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 Configuring options - Setting Up A Blog (Using WordPress).
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This tutorial will show you how to configure option in your weblog. Most of the settings were set by default when installed the weblog, but you can edit them at any time to better suit your specific needs. For instance, you can specify membership requirements before a visitor can post a comment. You can also set the default role when a new user account is created. You can set your preferences for time and date display. Specify your preferences for when posts are written. Posts can be added by email by using a secret account with POP3 email access. Similarly, set your preferences for when reading posts. This section basically focuses on what types of notifications will be automatically generated when posts are made in a discussion. Note that these general settings will be overridden by any specific rules you set up in individual articles. You can also develop a blacklist which will prevent certain words from being posted to your weblog. Permalinks allows you to provide links to your articles that are more user friendly and forward compatible. You can even create a custom prefix for a category URL. And finally, you can specify where and how you want uploads to be stored on your site.
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