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This tutorial will show you how to manage pages. Pages, unlike posts, reside outside the blog chronology. While posts are date driven, pages are static informational pages that you add to your site (eg., Policies, About, Copyright, Contact, etc.). Let's go ahead and create one now. Start by giving the new page a title and adding content to the page. Specify if you wish to allow visitors to add comments and/or ping the page. Visitors will need to enter a password to view a password protected page. Specify if the page is top level page or if it is a child page to an existing one. You can use the default template, or you can automatically format the page as an Archives or Links page. You can enter a slug. This will apply if you are using Permalinks to create a link to your page. Essentially, it will remove all non-HTML-friendly characters, and it will add a hyphen in between each word of your title. Specify an author for the page. You can specify the order in which pages are listed. You can optionally upload a file to be included in the page. When you're done, click to create the new page. Let's take a look at the results in the site. As you can see, the new page has been successfully added. At any time, you may return here to create a new page... or view an existing one... or edit an existing one... or delete one altogether. 
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