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 Signing up for a new Paypal account - Setting Up A Payment System (Using PayPal).
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This tutorial will show you how to sign up for a new Paypal account. Select the type of account you would like to have. Note that you can always upgrade your account once you have registered. Select the country where you live. Enter your personal information. Your name and address should match your records for your credit card and bank account. Enter a valid email address. You will use this address as your Paypal account login. Now create a password. Make it a minimum of 8 alpha-numeric characters (no spaces or special characters). Remember that your password is case sensitive. Create and answer 2 security questions. These will be used as verification of your identity in the event you lose your password. Click to confirm that you have read and agreed to Paypal's User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Enter the code you see here. This is a security measure that helps prevent automated account registrations. You have initiated the registration process. Now check your email to see the confirmation email sent to you by Paypal. This is the email you will receive. You will now need to activate your account. You can do it one of two ways. You can click this link in the email... or you can login to your Paypal account and activate it from there. Click to manually confirm the email you received. You will need to enter the confirmation number in your email. Simply copy this number to your clipboard... and paste it here. As you can see, the email has been successfully confirmed. Click Continue to go back to your Paypal account. Note: You are allowed a maximum of one Personal account and one Business/Premier account.

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