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 Creating a Basic Buy Now button - Setting Up A Payment System (Using PayPal).
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This tutorial will show you how to create a basic Buy Now button. Basically, we will be adding a Buy Now button to a page on our web site. Adding a Buy Now button to this page will allow site visitors to place an order via Paypal. Click to create a Buy Now button. Let's get started. Start by entering a name and ID for the item. Note that this is optional. Now enter a price for the item. Specify a currency for the price. Specify if you would like the buyer's payment form to default to a specific country. If not, the buyers will choose for themselves. You can use the default Buy Now button design... or you can click to choose another button. Alternatively, you can use your own custom image. Simply enter a URL that points to your custom image. You can use encrypted button code that will prevent it from being altered by others. Keep in mind that if encrypted, you will not be able to generate an email link, and you will be limited by the number of options you can attach to the button. In this example, we will use encrypted code since we want to create a simple web site Buy Now button. As you can see, you have code for your web site button. Let's go ahead and add the code to our web site page. Highlight the code (press Ctrl-A on your keyboard). Now right click and select Copy. Now let's open up our web page in a text editor. Paste the code into the page. Save the file and upload it to your site. Let's take a look at the results on the site. After refreshing the page... we can see that the button has been successfully added to the site.
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