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 Configuring Sites in SmartFTP.
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This tutorial will show you how to configure a new site in SmartFTP. Enter your Host Address here. If your domain's DNS has Fully propagated, enter it as (obviously using your actual domain name). If DNS has yet to propagate, enter the IP address provides in your Welcome Email. Enter the username and password provided in your Welcome Email. The Port is set to 21 by default. Unless you are instructed to use a different port, leave the default as is. OK, now let's connect to the server. Now let's add this site to our Favorites so that we can conveniently locate it in future FTP sessions. Let's put it into a brand new folder. At any time, you can open your Favorites to edit any of your sites. Let's see how. Make any required changes and then click OK. And finally, we'll see how to delete a site. That's it! you now know how to configure a new site in SmartFTP.
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