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This tutorial will show you how to add new products in Cubecart. As you can see, there is currently 1 product in this store. Let's go ahead and add a new one now. Give the product a name. Enter a product number. If left blank, one will be automatically generated for you. Enter a full product description in tis fully featured text editor. This will display on the product page. You may use HTML code. Select a category for the product. If you have already uploaded a product image, you can browse for it here. Otherwise, browse to upload a new image from your local computer. This image has been successfully uploaded. Enter a price for the product. Now enter a sale price. This price will only be in effect if you have turned on the sale feature in your general settings. If you will be calculating shipping charges by product weight, enter the product's unit weight here. Specify if this is a taxable item. You can optionally let Cubecart monitor stock levels for you. Specify if this is a tangible or digital product. And finally, specify if you would like this new product to display as a "latest product" on the home page of your store. The new product has been successfully added. Let's take a look at the results on the site. You can click through to the product page from the Latest Products area or by browsing to the Category page. That's It! Tou are now able to add products in Cubecart.
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