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 Configuring Sites in WS FTP.
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This tutorial will show you how to configure in WS_FTP. Let's go ahead and create and configure a new site via Site Manager. Let's create a brand new folder. Now select the folder in which we will create the new site. You may call the site anything you like. It is simply what it will be refered to in this FTP program. Enter the Host Address or IP Address. If your site's DNS has fully propagated, you may enter where is replaced with your actual domain name. If DNS has yet propagate, enter the IP address provided to you in your Welcome Email. Enter the username and password provided to you in your Welcome Email. Leave the connection type as FTP. Click Finish to complete the site creation process. At any time, you can come back to the Site Manager to edit a site. For instance, let's configure the Startup settings. Enter the name of the directory on your hard drive where you store all the files for your site. Now enter the name of the directory where you will upload your site files. Depending on your server's configuration, your root directory could be named something like public_html or httpdocs or WWW or public or something similar. Well done! Now every time you connect to your site, WS_FTP will automatically open to the right directory, locally and remotely. Very convenient feature. And finally, let's see how to delete a site. Congratulations! You now know how to create and configure your site in WS_FTP.

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