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 Viewing email headers in Pegasus.
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This tutorial will show you how to view email headers in Pegasus. All emails contain 2 parts - body and headers. The body is generally what you see - the sender's message. The headers contain technical information including the identity of the sender, routing information, etc. There are times when you might be asked to provide a copy of an email 'complete with full headers' in order to help diagnose an email issue or problem. Let's see how that's done. Right click the email and select Message headers. Here you can see the headers for this email. If you wish to send the headers to someone, select this text and copy it to your clipboard. Now you can create a new email and paste the headers into the body of the email. Another (convenient) way to send headers to someone is by clicking to forward the entire email. Select the message you wish to forward. Be sure to specify that you wish to include full headers. Enter the address to which you wish to forward this email and click Forward. You are now able to view email headers in Pegasus.
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