Roblox Winter Wonderland Gamelog - December 27 2019

Roblox Winter Wonderland Gamelog - December 27 2019


❄️ Roblox Winter Wonderland Gameplay! Story! The Yeti captured Rudolph and found love in the end! Loud Warning!

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0:02:19 Getting into the sleigh!
0:03:06 We arrived at Winter Wonderland and I got two holiday cookies!
0:04:19 Crossing the lake with thin ice!
0:06:39 What is the minigame? Choosing an ornament for the tree?
0:08:20 Found Santa's sleigh crashed!
0:09:49 Finding more Cookies in the house!
0:10:38 Oh we got to go to sleep now!
0:12:07 We were stop by Snowman!
0:13:22 We need to fight those snowman!
0:15:00 Obby!
0:15:48 Avalanche!
0:17:11 We decided to make a snow Yeti!
0:18:45 Oh my this minigame is not easy! I made it!
0:20:09 Spending my Cookies!

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-- Winter Wonderland [Story] By The Dark Matter Studios

-- About Winter Wonderland [Story]
❄️ Welcome to Winter Wonderland, a story about the Winter season! Complete a fun story, play minigames for holiday cookies and unlock special items such as pets, ornaments and sleds to show off in the story! What could possibly go wrong on Spirit Mountain?

Roblox Winter Wonderland Created 11/27/2019, Updated 12/24/2019, Max Players 80, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Winter Wonderland, Story, Christmas)

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