Roblox VentureLand Gamelog - May 23 2018

Roblox VentureLand Gamelog - May 23 2018


Roblox VentureLand Gameplay! Tycoon, Building and Minigames ALL IN ONE!

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0:01:39 Found Jacky and Chocolate!
0:05:11 Found my apartment and decorating my apartment!
0:08:08 Getting more furnitures!
0:09:40 I'm driving crazy!
0:10:44 Checking out the Cart Store!
0:12:35 We are going to ride the ramp!
0:13:37 Found Cass and Jacky!
0:13:57 Going on the roller coaster ride with my Cart!
0:20:50 Cave roller coaster!
0:23:29 Joining the race!
0:27:51 Back to my Apartment decorating!
0:36:13 Blox party in town!

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-- Roblox VentureLand by TeamVenture

-- About #VentureLand
Welcome to VentureLand - seek BLOX in a city unlike any other; use your Morphkart to shred rails, blast from cannons, and more! Trust us, there's only so much more to come to our work-in-progress Town.

Roblox VentureLand Created 3/19/2018, Updated 5/20/2018, Max Players 40, Genre Adventure. (Online Multiplayer Game, #VentureLand)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
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I Love you all Chloe Tubers!
Roblox VentureLand Gameplay / KawaiiChloeLim May 2018 Gamelog / Chloe Tuber Channel


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