Roblox Undercover trouble Gamelog - August 13 2020

Roblox Undercover trouble Gamelog - August 13 2020

???? ROBLOX UNDERCOVER TROUBLE! CODE and How I won as the SEEKER and HIDER! Loud Warning!

In this video, I played Roblox Undercover Trouble! I will show you a code for Gems and I played this new game that's sort of like hide and seek but you can't hide you have to blend in and pretend to be a NPC BOT or your own clone bot. Hoping that the seeker will think you are a bot and won't kill you. As the seeker you need to catch the real player instead of the bots, if as a seeker and you hit a bot you will lose health and if you get too many wrong hits as the seeker, you will die!

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0:02:08 Code time!

0:02:49 Buying a Gold Crate!

0:03:02 Round 1 - I am the Hider!

0:04:32 Round 2 - I am the SEEKER! When you hit the wrong person or NPC Bot, it will show a red cross and when you hit a correct player, it will show blood splatter!

0:07:54 Round 3 - I am the Seeker again!

0:09:14 I won!

0:10:14 Round 4 - I am Hider!

0:11:34 WAIT! the player Adrian is on the leader board!

0:12:13 Round 5 - I am the Seeker!

0:15:26 Round 6 - I am the Hider!

0:17:41 I MADE IT, I WON!

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-- Roblox Undercover Trouble By arashiyama

-- About Undercover Trouble

⭐ Welcome to Undercover Trouble, a fun twist on the G-Mod gamemode Guess Who! ⭐

⭐⭐ USE CODE: " LetterRip " for 15 gems ⭐⭐

⭐ Game is in beta, expect bugs ⭐

???? UPDATE 1 ????

- ????️ 5 NEW MAPS


- ???? 14 NEW POWERUPS

- ???? 5 NEW BOASTS


???? HIDERS: Blend in with NPCs! Don't get caught!

???? SEEKERS: Find all real players. Watch out though, NPCs will do damage to you!

???? Join the group for 20 free gems! ????

Roblox Undercover Trouble Created 6/16/2020, Updated 8/11/2020, Max Players 14, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Undercover Trouble, Code)

-- Yesterday Gamelog


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