Roblox Trick or Treat Gamelog - October 21 2019

Roblox Trick or Treat Gamelog - October 21 2019


???? Roblox Trick or Treat Gameplay! (Story) Trick or Treat! No treat so we TRICKED! Loud Warning!

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0:02:03 On a truck? To go Trick or Treat somewhere!
0:03:46 Nobody wants to give me CANDY! WHY!
0:05:40 Finally somebody gave me candy!
0:08:01 Should we Trick the house person for not giving us candy?
0:09:57 Acid Rain!
0:11:01 We are trapped in the basement!
0:12:01 Chocolate found something!
0:12:40 Obby!
0:13:58 Old man owner of the house! Only one path is right! WHICH ONE?
0:15:22 A player is randomly chosen to participate in an experiment! WILL SHE SAY YES?
0:16:15 They took Greg instead!

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-- Trick or Treat By Story Game Studios

-- About Trick or Treat
???? Welcome to Trick or Treat! Go on a trip with 3-10 people to Robloxian Road! You have a great time and get a lot of candy! However, you decide to visit the creepy house at the top of the hill...
☠️ WARNING: This game could be SPOOKY
⛺ Inspired by SamsonXVI's game "Camping".

Roblox Trick or Treat Created 10/18/2019, Updated 10/19/2019, Max Players 31, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Trick or Treat, Story)

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