Roblox Time Travel Adventures Gamelog - June 29 2019

Roblox Time Travel Adventures Gamelog - June 29 2019


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0:03:45 We are in a space ship in 2089 Mars Colony!
0:04:45 We crashed!
0:05:22 Martians!
0:06:20 We need to get some sort of GEM!
0:07:07 Opps I died Once! You only have two lives!
0:07:48 Thanks to CoolGuy3435 Who made the obby for us!
0:08:22 We got one of the GEM!
0:09:43 We have to get batteries for this Curiosity Rover - ROBOT CHICKEN!
0:10:38 Dust Storm!
0:12:28 Chocolate has been INFECTED! We have to kill her!
0:13:37 UFO! Yeah it got TIM! What we have to save him!
0:16:49 Meteor!
0:17:37 Obstacle!
0:18:32 Made it to the Martian Ship and got the badge - Finished Mission To Mars!
0:19:08 We have to drive the ship through the teleporter ring!

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-- Mission To Mars | Time Travel Adventures By Splitting Point Studios

-- About Time Travel Adventures - Mission To Mars
???? BLAST OFF TO MARS in Time Travel Adventures latest map! ????
Steve the Scientist lost his gems in an extremely terrible accident which saw them sent backward in the space-time continuum - YOU must travel back in time to complete puzzling and difficult tasks in order to retrieve power gems and save the universe.

Roblox Time Travel Adventures Created 5/29/2019, Updated 6/28/2019, Max Players 40, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #TimeTravelAdventures, #MissonToMars)

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