Roblox Time Travel Adventures Gamelog - June 19 2019

Roblox Time Travel Adventures Gamelog - June 19 2019


Roblox Time Travel Adventures Gameplay! ???? VOLCANO ENDING ???? Can We ESCAPE ALIVE? LOUD WARNING!

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0:01:46 Entering TIME TRAVEL CAPSULE!
0:02:02 We are on a Pirate ship back in 1702!
0:02:57 The sky suddenly TURNS DARK!
0:03:42 Kraken Attack!
0:04:08 We came on an Island!
0:04:39 Poison Fog!
0:07:05 Found a Monkey!
0:08:11 Tsunami!
0:09:44 We are trapped!
0:11:14 Getting the key!
0:11:55 Search the beach for a blue pad!
0:12:36 Found it! Going into a temple!
0:13:02 Well somebody made a sacrifice even before the game asked it!
0:17:32 There's a new map coming soon in a few days!

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-- Time Travel Adventures By Splitting Point Studios

-- About Time Travel Adventures
Steve the Scientist lost his gems in an extremely terrible accident which saw them sent backward in the space-time continuum - YOU must travel back in time to complete puzzling and difficult tasks in order to retrieve power gems and save the universe.

Roblox Time Travel Adventures Created 5/29/2019, Updated 6/17/2019, Max Players 30, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #TimeTravelAdventures)

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