Roblox Time Travel Adventures Gamelog - July 13 2019

Roblox Time Travel Adventures Gamelog - July 13 2019


Roblox Time Travel Adventures Gameplay! Mummy Mystery! We made it but sort of cheated! LOUD WARNING!

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:02:20 We time traveled to 1798 Egypt!
0:04:11 There's an Artifact on top of the pyramid!
0:04:52 Found the key!
0:06:17 Manny the Mummy!
0:07:24 Simple puzzle!
0:08:45 Obby Time!
0:09:29 They failed! My turn!
0:10:08 I made it! Only me and Chocolate left!
0:10:41 Manny the Mummy making Tim Dance to Death!
0:11:37 Dr. Time is calling us!
0:13:20 We have to find Jake's Monkey!
0:14:03 Found the Monkey!
0:16:20 Entering the Pyramid with blue door to get a key!
0:16:54 Yep we died! Had to get another life!
0:19:03 Opening the pyramid door!
0:19:14 A Maze!
0:20:55 Another Obby! Chocolate's doing this one! She made it!
0:21:44 Found the dead Tim!
0:28:36 Yep we died a few times but finally defeated Manny the Mummy!
0:28:53 Saving Tim!
0:29:12 We have to do the Obby again!
0:29:57 The maze again!
0:31:29 We made it!

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-- Mummy Mystery | Time Travel Adventures By Splitting Point Studios

-- About Time Travel Adventures | Mummy Mystery
Welcome to Time Travel Adventures!
Mummy Mystery MAP IS EXTREMELY HARD! Only given one life! NO SECOND CHANCES!

Roblox Time Travel Adventures Created 5/29/2019, Updated 7/12/2019, Max Players 50, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #TimeTravelAdventures, #MummyMystery)

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