Roblox The Ship Gamelog - February 03 2020

Roblox The Ship Gamelog - February 03 2020


????️ Roblox The Ship Gameplay! I drank something that gave me SUPER SPEED! Loud Warning!

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0:02:06 On board the cruise ship!
0:03:18 Meeting the captain!
0:06:52 Everybody's getting a drink!
0:07:15 Chocolate got a brown drink and I got a special Sparkling Golden Drink!
0:08:23 Woah I got super speed after drinking my drink!
0:10:48 There's dead bodies all around the bar!
0:11:20 Captain is getting very weird!
0:11:40 Captain became a Monster!
0:12:33 Stranded on a Island!
0:14:36 Found the last log to make the shelter!
0:17:04 Found the last log to make a boat!

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-- Roblox The Ship By Edguita Studios

-- About The Ship
Have A Great Vacation With The Ship!
(Full English Translation Is Here, Enjoy!)

Roblox The Ship Created 11/11/2019, Updated 2/1/2020, Max Players 15, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, The Ship, Story)

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