Roblox The Forest Gamelog - November 05 2019

Roblox The Forest Gamelog - November 05 2019


???? Roblox The Forest Gameplay! Story Game! I Ended up all ALONE AGAIN! Loud Warning!

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0:02:58 Arriving at the campsite with my other 3 friends!
0:04:12 My 3 Friends just suddenly died! Didn't see no monster or anything!
0:04:56 Well lets go to the sled area!
0:05:59 Teleported to the Mineshaft! Someone has to go get the bucket from the bridge!
0:06:57 Gosh a Maze!
0:07:31 I actually brought us to the right exit!
0:07:43 OBBY! The other two players died! I'm all alone!
0:08:13 I didn't know this was a timed obby!
0:08:56 SO CLOSE!
0:09:29 I just got teleported to the game ALONE! Well this is meant to be! TO PLAY THIS ALL ALONE!
0:09:48 Lets fast forward to the obby part!
0:10:22 There's a COOL cube in the tree! LOL
0:11:30 Back at the obby! WILL I MAKE IT THIS TIME?

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-- The Forest [Story] By GlowyTheGamer

-- About The Forest [Story]
You'll be playing a game where you will be camping in Treewood Park! In a server up to 8 people. Sit around the campfire and tell stories and much, much, more! Have fun!
Inspired by: Camping ????
Created by: Glowy The Gamer

Roblox The Forest [Story] Created 7/2/2019, Updated 11/3/2019, Max Players 60, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, The Forest, The Forest Story Game)

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