Roblox Temple Thieves Gamelog - February 28 2020

Roblox Temple Thieves Gamelog - February 28 2020


???? Roblox Temple Thieves Gameplay! Making all 3 Levels! Easy, Medium and Hard! Loud Warning!

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0:01:43 Lets get started with Easy!
0:05:15 We made it!
0:05:37 Lets Try the Medium Mode!
0:08:42 Made it just in time!
0:09:09 Lets try the Hard Mode!
0:11:43 I made it!
0:12:06 Lets do Medium Mode again!
0:14:03 Made it!
0:14:38 Buying a pet and some pet food!
0:16:29 Trying Medium again!
0:18:22 I'm a GHOST! Glitched under the map!

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-- Roblox Temple Thieves By Sharkbyte Studios 2

-- About Temple Thieves
Welcome to Temple Thieves! Go through different temples which become progressively harder depending which door you choose. Fight through crazy obstacles, discover gems, find relics, and escape before the gem keeper wakes up! Collect gems and try to become the top temple thief!

Roblox Temple Thieves Created 6/23/2018, Updated 2/24/2020, Max Players 25, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Temple Thieves)

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