Roblox Summer Camp Gamelog - August 01 2019

Roblox Summer Camp Gamelog - August 01 2019


????️ Roblox Summer Camp Gameplay! Summer Camp at Camp Sunshine! I got the most pearls! Something Went WRONG! LOUD WARNING!

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0:01:56 Shout out - Bianca Rulez123!
0:03:26 Getting on the bus for Camp Sunshine!
0:04:33 Arriving at Camp Sunshine!
0:05:24 Mine's Cabin number 2!
0:06:33 In the Cafeteria getting food! Those who chose wrong will get their health decreased!
0:06:56 I am the only one who choose burger and has full health!
0:08:35 Arrived at the lake!
0:09:38 Purple pearls gives x2 pearls and Blue pearls gives x3 pearls!
0:10:52 I found the most pearls! I think I got an energy bar reward!
0:12:22 Somebody painted all the cabins with GET OUT Warning!
0:13:56 Camp fire time with spooky story!
0:15:38 Time for bed!
0:16:31 All the camp mates are freaking out!
0:17:14 Oh no a ghostly figure is after us!
0:18:00 Going underground from the cabin!
0:18:59 Lava cave!
0:19:54 We are in the graveyard!
0:21:31 Reached the fire tower!
0:23:28 We got to choose Counselor or Police! Police cause the demon was in the counselor's room earlier!
0:23:48 Oh no the fire tower is on FIRE!
0:24:22 Ok we are using the zip line to escape from the fire!

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-- Summer Camp [BETA] By Bed Time Stories

-- About Summer Camp [BETA]
Welcome to this year's summer camp! Our first destination is Camp Sunshine, where we experience fun things, like fishing for pearls and more! Try out the different endings and have fun!
To enter the camp you need at least 10 people on the bus!

Roblox Summer Camp Created 5/10/2019, Updated 7/30/2019, Max Players 45, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, Summer Camp)

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