Roblox Store Empire Gamelog - June 27 2019

Roblox Store Empire Gamelog - June 27 2019


Roblox Store Empire Gameplay! Building my own STORE EMPIRE! Come buy some OATY O'S! LOUD WARNING!

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0:01:51 So much rubbish in my store!
0:02:19 Building more display for my Store!
0:03:07 Wow the business is good!
0:04:12 Customers complaining about no cash registers! Well Have to buy one more!
0:05:26 Buying some Cooler Shelf!
0:07:57 Coloring my store!
0:08:45 Time to expand!
0:10:12 You need to put floors first before you can build walls!
0:11:34 Oh no! I'm all out of stock!
0:12:46 It's hard running a store!
0:13:01 Building a ball shelf and some produce shelf!
0:16:26 SO MUCH TRASH!
0:16:51 Need more shelf!
0:18:03 I lcan get ICE CREAM!
0:18:55 I need to expand!
0:20:35 Building my new expansion!
0:21:54 Now I can buy some book shelf and paper shelf!
0:23:40 Check out my cereal shelf! Oaty O's!
0:27:51 Stocking my shelf with Hygiene Products! SHAMPOOS!
0:30:07 Can I please get a JANITOR!
0:30:52 It turns out that a Custodian is the Janitor!
0:31:13 I need a Stocker..... NOT A STALKER!
0:31:40 Now I just need to stay in the Inventory and keep ordering stocks!
0:33:02 Going to Chocolate's Store!
0:34:43 Time to expand again!
0:37:04 I need to stop playing this but I can't stop!

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-- Store Empire Beta By BrokenBone

-- About Store Empire Beta
Hire employees, build shelves, decorate your store, cater to over a dozen types of customers, buy and sell over 100 items, expand your property, and manage your money to create the most successful store empire!

Roblox Store Empire Beta Created 1/28/2016, Updated 6/23/2019, Max Players 6, Genre Building. (Online Multiplayer Game, #StoreEmpireBeta)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
Roblox Flee the Facility Gameplay! Playing with lots of FOOD! Chocolate, Pineapple & the PRO ORANGE!

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