Roblox Slaying Simulator Gamelog - February 19 2019

Roblox Slaying Simulator Gamelog - February 19 2019


⚔️ Roblox Slaying Simulator Gameplay! 5 Working Codes getting you to LEVEL 6 and more than 3K Gems! I keep Hatching PIGS! LOUD WARNING!

Code 1 : CODES! (must include the !)
Code 2 : 1M
Code 3 : AURAZ
Code 4 : 8L1ZZARD
Code 5 : UPDATE 12 (Must have space between)

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:00:52 CODES TIME!
0:03:51 After entering all the codes you can equip a better Sword! Brigand's Sword!
0:04:36 You can get quest from this guy to help you earn Gems faster!
0:07:04 The Robux egg gives a Legendary Unicorn - nope not buying it!
0:07:24 Opps got the Boss out of his CAVE! BEWARE PEOPLE!
0:09:30 Buying a GOLDEN EGG! I GOT A GOLDEN PIG!
0:10:37 DO NOT ASK ME WHY I SPEND 3 MINUTES Looking through all the SWORDS!
0:14:23 Helping to kill the BOSS! I Level up from 10 to 12 by killing the boss!
0:15:03 Buying a Glowing Egg! AND I GOT A PIG AGAIN!
0:16:28 Buying an Aura!
0:16:57 Buying an Ice Egg! I got a Polar Bear - FINALLY NOT ANOTHER PIG!

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-- Roblox Slaying Simulator By Badmash Studios

-- About Slaying Simulator
Welcome to Slaying Simulator! ⚔️
Concept: Slay enemies, level up, collect gems, unlock new items & zones!
Update Log:
UPDATE 9 - Pet rebirths! Trade in 5 pets for an even stronger one! (Bug fixes too)
UPDATE 11 - Chocolate, Frostbite, and Aqua eggs added, new Blizzard world with snowmen & frost guard, new Gingerbread Man boss
UPDATE 12 - 3M Doggy, 3 PVP Areas, 10 New Swords, and 6 New Auras

Roblox Slaying Simulator Created 12/2/2018, Updated 2/18/2019, Max Players 8, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #SlayingSimulator)

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