Roblox Skyblox Gamelog - July 06 2020

Roblox Skyblox Gamelog - July 06 2020


✨ Roblox Skyblox! Late Fourth Of July Party with lots of FIREWORKS! Loud Warning!

In this video, I played Roblox Skyblox! I am having a late Fourth of July party with some wonderful friends in Sky block or now named Skyblox, Made lots of fireworks and they actually made a night and day time in the game so that fireworks would look AMAZINGLY beautiful in the night sky! I gave away some free fireworks and sold some in my vending machine. I bought the new Firework gamepass and made lots of fireworks to set off in the night sky, which is also a new update of the day / night cycle!

Roblox Skyblock or now called SkyBlox was inspired by the classic "Sky Block" Minecraft gamemode! The concept behind the game is simple, you spawn on a small floating island of your own and start gathering resources, farming, crafting, and exploring outside your own map. Build your own island, Create huge farms, Sell items to make money, Cook tasty delicacies, Gather valuable resources and more!

The new Update includes: Free VIP Servers, Day/night cycle, Torches, Trees now drop wood blocks (4 variants), Firework gamepass, Bubble chat, Sound effects when you chat, Block hit particles, Improved block hit sounds, Lighting overhaul, Updated tree models, Small tweaks to a few block textures, Fix tree rotation not saving and More!

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0:02:13 I bought the firework gamepass and made the Firework Barrel!
0:02:44 Time to make some fireworks!
0:03:03 The sky is getting dark and just the right time to try out the fireworks!
0:03:21 Fourth of July Party with lots of fireworks on my roof!
0:05:57 Last round of fireworks before the night ends!
0:06:48 Now to give out some fireworks to my wonderful friends!
0:07:33 Now back to business! Stocking up my vending machines and selling some new fireworks! These vending machine's my secret on how to become a millionaire in SkyBlox!

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-- Roblox Skyblox [FIREWORKS] By

-- About Skyblox
Welcome to Skyblox! This is an early beta version of the game.
???? Build your own island
????‍???? Create huge farms
???? Sell items to make money
???? Cook tasty delicacies
✨ Gather valuable resources
???? And more!
✨ Update Log (July 4):
Free VIP Servers!
We've made VIP servers free for all players. Your continued support of Skyblox has been incredible. As a thank you, we'll no longer be charging for VIP servers.
- Day/night cycle
- Torches
- Trees now drop wood blocks (4 variants)
- Firework gamepass
- Bubble chat
- Sound effects when you chat
- Block hit particles
- Improved block hit sounds
- Lighting overhaul
- Updated tree models
- Small tweaks to a few block textures
- Fix tree rotation not saving

Roblox Skyblox Created 4/8/2020, Updated 7/4/2020, Max Players 20, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Skyblox, Firework, Fourth of July, Party)

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Let me know in the comment what game you would like to see me play.

I Love you all Chloe Tubers!

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