Roblox Sky Block Gamelog - May 31 2020

Roblox Sky Block Gamelog - May 31 2020


⚒️ Roblox Sky Block! How to make AUTO totem collector, INDUSTRIAL SMELTER and INDUSTRIAL OVEN! Loud Warning!

In this video, I played Roblox Sky Block ! I will show you to make auto collector for Totems, the Industrial Smelter and the Industrial Oven!
Roblox Skyblock is inspired by the classic "Sky Block" Minecraft gamemode! The concept behind the game is simple, you spawn on a small floating island of your own and start gathering resources, farming, crafting, and exploring outside your own map. Build your own island, Create huge farms, Sell items to make money, Cook tasty delicacies, Gather valuable resources and more!

Auto Totem Collecting with Industrial Chest:
The advantages of Totem collecting with this industrial chest is that you do not need to harvest, plant or mine ores by clicking on them one by one, the industrial chest attached to another conveyor belt will auto collect the food or ores from the totem and you just need to click the chest to take out the content when it's full. So no more farming or mining needed on your own plot.

Industrial Smelter:
The advantage of the Industrial Smelter is even better, you place ores into the industrial chest with the setting set to OUT and it will just travel to the smelter (where you need to add coal or wood) and comes out and into the other industrial chest that will collect the smelted ores. It smelts ores at a much faster speed and No more standing at and clicking at the small furnace and not able to do anything else. The hardest material to get in making the Industrial Smelter would be the 3 pieces of PINK sticky gear.

Industrial Oven:
The advantage of the Industrial Oven is pretty much the same as the Industrial Smelter, it helps you cook and bake your food much faster and less hassle. Also the materials (green sticky gear) you need to make the Industrial Oven is much easier to obtain than the Industrial Smelter.

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:02:03 Showing you how a totem would work without a auto collector!
0:02:16 You place a totem down on your plot, ores would start spawning all around it and you would have to use your pickaxe to mine it to collect them!
0:02:37 When you place the auto collector in front of the totems, ready ores will actually drop on the conveyor belt and get collected into the industrial chest attached! No more mining! No more BIG spaces needed for the ores to GROW!
0:03:05 Showing how to make a set of Totem Auto Collector! You need to make an industrial chest and a extra conveyor belt!
0:04:55 How to place the Totem Auto Collector! Important thing is making sure the arrows are pointing into the chest!
0:05:31 Now for the Industrial Smelter! You will need to prepare: 50 wood planks, 420 Iron bars and 3 Pink Sticky Gear.
0:05:48 Took mine apart to show you how to assemble them correctly! REMEMBER ARROWS ARE IMPORTANT!
0:06:35 After placing the Industrial Oven with the two industrial chest, click on the industrial chest where the arrow is moving away from and set the direction setting to OUT!
0:07:03 You can place 3 wood or coal in the OUT industrial chest then your ores!
0:07:22 You can then collect the smelted ores from the collection chest on the other end!
0:08:31 Just in case you do not know where to get the sticky gears, I will show you!
0:09:39 Time to make a brand new Industrial Oven!
0:11:13 Placing down my FAT industrial oven! You will find out why I said that!
0:13:50 Since I have an extra Industrial chest, I will be getting the Iron totem too!
0:15:11 It fits in just right!

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-- Roblox Sky Block By

-- About Sky Block
Welcome to Sky Block! This is an early beta version of the game.
???? Build your own island
????‍???? Create huge farms
???? Sell items to make money
???? Cook tasty delicacies
✨ Gather valuable resources
???? And more!
???? Update Log (May 26):
- Xbox Support
- Potatoes
- Carpet
- Wood, Stonebrick & Brick Slabs
- Mossy Stonebrick
- Breaking a chest gives you the contents
- Improved combat & mob AI
- Merchant clothing
Roblox Skyblock is inspired by the classic "Sky Block" Minecraft gamemode!
???? WARNING: Progress may reset during Beta testing.

Roblox Sky Block Created 4/8/2020, Updated 5/27/2020, Max Players 15, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Sky Block, How to, Industrial chest, Industrial Smelter, Industrial Oven, Totem collector)

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