Roblox Robot Inc Gamelog - December 01 2019

Roblox Robot Inc Gamelog - December 01 2019


???? Roblox Robot Inc. Gameplay! [OPEN BETA]! Wow I'm surprised how fun this game is! Loud Warning!

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0:02:28 Making my first robot!
0:04:56 Second Robot!
0:05:44 Level up and unlocked new robot parts!
0:08:09 Upgrading my tools and weapons!
0:09:32 Come to this obby area and you get an Explorer badge!
0:10:31 I found Diamonds!
0:16:27 Building a coin stamper!
0:18:09 Going up the tower in the center of the map! I found more Diamonds!
0:26:14 Putting in a Control panel!
0:28:23 Starting to get attacks from two players teaming in the game!
0:30:51 We kept dying when we try to kill those players back so Chocolate came out with a plan! Kill their robots! It kinda work cause look at their money, they used it all up to make more robots for us to kill!

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-- Robot Inc. [OPEN BETA] By Ninja Dolphin Games

-- About Robot Inc.
This game is still in Beta, so be sure to report any bugs you find, and feel free to give any feedback!
Welcome to Robot Inc! Build up your unique robot army, fight enemy robots, collect resources, and become the biggest robot factory around!

Roblox Robot Inc. Created 9/18/2019, Updated 11/28/2019, Max Players 8, Genre Comedy. (Online Multiplayer Game, Robot Inc., Build Robot)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
Roblox Save Tom the Turkey Obby Gameplay! Doing both Normal and Expert Mode! -

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