Roblox Robloxia World Gamelog - May 17 2019

Roblox Robloxia World Gamelog - May 17 2019

Roblox Robloxia World Gameplay! Trying out Classes and Jobs in the new game by MeganPlays! Loud Warning!

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0:01:46 We found the Magical Tree!
0:03:03 Almost everything is clickable and you can get coins or XP or gems!
0:04:20 Eating up all the flowers at the flower shop!
0:05:09 Teleported to School! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!
0:06:00 Gym Class! BORING!
0:07:39 Checking out the Neighborhood! NO HOUSES YET!
0:08:41 School's out! We changed into Adults to try out some jobs!
0:09:03 Found a job at Robloxia Snail Mail!
0:10:11 All the job's closed until game time 8 AM!
0:11:20 It's 8 AM and I am going for Acting Job!
0:12:54 The job ended and I got lots of coins!
0:13:03 Checking out what accessories they have!
0:13:54 Changed into a Teen! No idea what a teen's suppose to do!
0:14:44 The furniture shop is not open yet but you can see the furniture in the store here!
0:16:18 Vehicles are also not available yet!
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-- Roblox Robloxia World (BETA) By MeganPlays

-- About Robloxia World (BETA)
Welcome to the wonderful world of Robloxia, a city where no dream is too big! In Robloxia World you'll never run out of things to do! Live Your Dream Life as a Kid, Teen or Adult! In Robloxia World anything is possible!

Roblox Robloxia World Created 12/17/2018, Updated 5/15/2019, Max Players 30, Genre Town and City. (Online Multiplayer Game, #RobloxiaWorld)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
Roblox Epic Minigames Gameplay! My LUCKY Winning DAY! I MUST PLAY THE NEW MINIGAMES! -

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