Roblox Pirate Simulator Gamelog - January 23 2019

Roblox Pirate Simulator Gamelog - January 23 2019


☠️ Roblox Pirate Simulator Gameplay! Getting THE POWER GLOVES Event Item! Cringe and LOUD WARNING!

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0:00:32 You have to complete the tutorial before you can start the EVENT MISSION!
0:00:36 Lets get started on the tutorial - Just follow the instruction on the top middle of the game screen!
0:02:40 Oh ya I'm on my Alt account to show you how to complete the tutorial!
0:03:09 Once you have completed the tutorial, click the EVENT LOGO and click START MISSION!
0:04:14 Kill the Pirates to get the RUBY!
0:04:53 Before you leave this Island, kill the pirates a few more times to level up to Rank 3!
0:06:33 Once you are at Rank 3, follow the purple marker to find the Emerald Location!
0:07:32 Now to level up to Rank 5!
0:09:40 Follow the Purple Marker to the Sapphire!
0:10:40 Once you got all the gems, click CRAFT!
0:10:45 Now you have to go back to your base to defeat Dread Beard!
0:13:14 Back at my Island to fight Dread Beard!
0:14:17 I killed Dread Beard and got the Event Item - Power Gloves!

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-- Roblox Pirate Simulator By Explosive Entertainment Studio Beta

-- About ☠️ Pirate Simulator! [EVENT]
☠️Sail the seven seas collecting precious cargo, raiding other pirate ships with your friends, fighting in intense battles, raiding other players' bases and building up your own base in this thrilling game!☠️
Power Event -
A Legendary Blade
Crystals imbued with mysterious energy have emerged across the land. Meanwhile, there are tales of a formidable adversary striking down other pirates. Collect the crystals to forge a powerful sword capable of defeating this dangerous new enemy.

Roblox Pirate Simulator Created 2/8/2018, Updated 1/20/2019, Max Players 8, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #PirateSimulator)

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