Roblox Murder Island Gamelog - August 19 2019

Roblox Murder Island Gamelog - August 19 2019


???? Roblox Murder Island Gameplay! I survived both times! Fun Murder and Detective Game! Loud Warning!

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0:01:46 Joining the Hotel Map!
0:02:49 Arrived at the Hotel!
0:03:31 I didn't see any dead body!
0:04:20 We have to find 4 clues that will help us find the killer!
0:05:09 Oh they found all the clues!
0:06:22 Opps we got the wrong person!
0:06:59 It says I found the body but I didn't!
0:07:27 Clue Search Time!
0:09:51 New round - Search for the body! Oh No somebody killed Chocolate!
0:10:22 Clue Search!
0:11:33 I found something - it's a lipstick!
0:13:06 Voting time!
0:13:48 Yeah I survived Murder Island!
0:13:58 Ok people's leaving the server so lets change a server too!
0:14:20 Back in another server and at the Hotel! I am the MURDERER!
0:15:17 Clue search!
0:16:30 Everybody thinks it's Cameron because of the blue hair!
0:16:51 Voting! They didn't get me!
0:17:59 Body Search!
0:19:06 Well I found a dead body of a rat! Also the game suddenly select a new murderer!
0:20:27 Clue Search!
0:21:08 Decision time!
0:22:58 Chocolate is the victim!
0:23:23 Strange we didn't even get to solve the last murder! Well I survived Murder Island Again!

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-- Murder Island By 2GO

-- About Murder Island
You and some strangers are traveling to an exclusive island. However, not all is as it seems, as people start dying one by one. Find clues to unmask the killer before your time is up.

Roblox Murder Island Created 6/28/2019, Updated 8/6/2019, Max Players 42, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Murder Island)

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