Roblox Mining Simulator Gamelog - June 4 2018

Roblox Mining Simulator Gamelog - June 4 2018


Roblox Mining Simulator Gameplay! [100M] 4 NEW CODES (LEGENDARY) and UPDATES!

CODE 1 : Gamer (gives Legendary Hat Crate)
CODE 2 : Rebirths (gives Legendary Egg)
CODE 3 : 100million (gives Legendary Crate)
CODE 4 : Retro (gives Retro Gamer Texture)

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:00:30 Code time!
0:03:25 Showing whats in the new REBIRTH SHOP!
0:03:47 There's new OMEGA CRATES!
0:05:34 Shout out to Jack (TheWeirdestGang21)!
0:07:19 Back to my quests!
0:15:11 Kulbid joined us - Thanks to him for sharing some of the CODES for this video!

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-- Roblox Mining Simulator by Runway Rumble

-- About #Mining Simulator
Welcome to Mining Simulator. Team up with your friends, or go on a solo mining expedition to discover rare gems and become rich!
???? TOKENS! Earn tokens buy rebirthing and buy EXCLUSIVE Token only items!
???? Omega Skin Crate (6% legendary
???? Omega Hat Crate (5% legendary)
???? 2 New Legendary Pets (Dino, Pterodactyl)
???? 3 New Legendary Hats (Tix Dominus, The Dussekar, Azurewrath)
???? Temporary Disable to Trade System

Roblox Mining Simulator Created 2/13/2018, Updated 6/3/2018, Max Players 10, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #MiningSimulator)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
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Let me know in the comment what game you would like to see me play.

I Love you all Chloe Tubers!
Roblox Mining Simulator Gameplay / KawaiiChloeLim June 2018 Gamelog / Chloe Tuber Channel


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