Roblox Mansion Gamelog - October 23 2019

Roblox Mansion Gamelog - October 23 2019


???? Roblox Mansion Gameplay! From the Creator Of Camping! Having Dinner at a Luxurious Mansion! Loud Warning!

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0:01:49 We sit at a table to go to the Mansion?
0:02:39 Arrived at a house, I think it's my house!
0:03:26 I got Mail!
0:04:53 We need to drive to the Mansion!
0:07:10 Finally we are arriving at the Mansion!
0:08:01 Meeting Jack the host!
0:10:05 Jack's acting weird! RUN!
0:12:03 He's back! Go into the closet!
0:13:23 Ghost from the coffin!
0:14:25 Obby Time!
0:15:32 Why is everybody standing on the door knob? Well lets just follow!
0:15:48 Oh SPIDERS! Now I know why we standing up here!
0:17:22 A Maze! Zack is inside! RUN!

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-- Mansion By SamsonXVI

-- About Mansion
It’s a hard time for Jack, so he decides to invite over the entire neighborhood for a dinner. In a group of 12, you'll be traveling to a Jack's Luxurious Mansion. Hopefully talking with friends will make him feel better after what happened. Do your best to cheer him up!

Roblox Mansion Created 8/2/2019, Updated 10/11/2019, Max Players 65, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, Mansion, Story Game, Camping Series)

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