Roblox Krusty Krab Tycoon Gamelog - November 16 2018

Roblox Krusty Krab Tycoon Gamelog - November 16 2018


???? Roblox Krusty Krab Tycoon Gameplay! Building my Krusty Krab Restaurant! Secret Badge! LOUD WARNING!

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0:00:36 Starting my Krusty Krab Tycoon!
0:01:26 Need a Squidward Cashier!
0:02:50 Under Attack by Jellyfish Invasion!
0:04:00 Anchovies customers!
0:07:35 Building Interior Walls!
0:08:47 I'm chased by a Robot Criminal!
0:09:01 Found SpongeBob's House!
0:13:07 Get a Secret Badge when you go up to this LifeGuard station at the beach!
0:13:30 We found out that the tycoon saves!
0:14:05 Back to building my tycoon!
0:14:36 Robots and UFO invasion!
0:15:47 Checking out Chum Bucket!
0:18:46 Pushing COMPETITION!
0:19:34 Back to Building the Krusty Krab Tycoon again!
0:25:20 SPONGEBOB!!!
0:27:07 Buying the BUS!
0:27:51 Buying the Tank!
0:28:59 Buying the Krabby Patty Car!
0:30:01 Chocolate is trying to drive the bus into my tycoon!
0:31:10 COMPLETED MY Krusty Krab Tycoon!

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-- Roblox Krusty Krab Tycoon By ARE Game Creation Studios

-- About Krusty Krab Tycoon
Start your very own Krusty Krab restaurant with real customers! Make money by purchasing tables, employees, customers, profit and speed upgrade buttons! Buy a home in Bikini Bottom! ⭐ This game autosaves and has rebirths which are called prestige! Enjoy your summer and have a great time playing!

Roblox Krusty Krab Tycoon Created 7/21/2017, Updated 10/19/2018, Max Players 5, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #KrustyKrabTycoon)

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