Roblox Jigsaw's Revenge Gamelog - November 04 2019

Roblox Jigsaw's Revenge Gamelog - November 04 2019


Roblox Jigsaw's Revenge Gameplay! WE ALL GREW SO FAT! ME Vs CHOCOLATE! Loud Warning!

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0:03:07 Waiting in the portal, needs 6 players to enter to start!
0:03:40 Starting! Oh my we all grew FAT!
0:04:00 Round 1 - Be the first 4 to find a key and go through a door to advance!
0:05:39 Round 2 - Locked up with a device on our head!
0:07:01 Round 3 - Be the first 3 to click the correct color!
0:08:24 Round 4 - First 2 to unlock their dummy and go through the door advance!
0:08:56 The other player left so me and chocolate will advance and it will be me Vs Chocolate in the next round!
0:10:41 Round 5 - ME Vs Chocolate! WHO WILL WIN???

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-- Jigsaw's Revenge | BETA By Royal Studios®

-- About Jigsaw's Revenge
 The infamous "Jigsaw Killer" has kidnapped you and another 5 strangers, only one of you will be able to survive, will it be you?

Roblox Jigsaw's Revenge Created 9/13/2019, Updated 11/2/2019, Max Players 36, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, Jigsaw's Revenge, Saw)

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