Roblox Ice Cream Simulator Gamelog - December 12 2018

Roblox Ice Cream Simulator Gamelog - December 12 2018


???? Roblox ICE CREAM SIMULATOR Gameplay! 6 New Codes! Completing both quests (Key Locations) in Toy Land! LOUD WARNING!

Code 1 : easy
Code 2 : bestfans
Code 3 : toyland
Code 4 : treasure
Code 5 : dark2

For More Codes, CLICK:

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0:00:19 Going into Toy Land!
0:00:32 Starting my first quest - Scoop the Walls!
0:01:02 Princessbubble Joined us and all thanks to her we can complete this quest!
0:01:18 Location of Key Number 2 is inside the first wall!
0:02:11 On to the third yellow wall!
0:03:10 On to the fourth Green Wall!
0:03:21 On to the Fifth Blue Wall!
0:04:48 On to the Sixth White Wall!
0:06:16 On to the Seventh Purple Wall!
0:06:39 On to the Eighth Yellow wall!
0:07:03 On to the Ninth Pink Wall!
0:07:19 On to the Tenth Brown Wall! Last Wall!
0:09:27 WE DID IT and we got a Froot Barry Pet!
0:09:55 Key Number 3 at the square jumping obby!
0:10:08 Key Number 4 at the top of this crates!
0:10:33 Key Number 5 at the bricks obby!
0:10:48 Key Number 6 at the end of this obby!
0:11:03 Key Number 7 at the invisible platform!
0:11:21 Key Number 8 at the top of this Stick Obby!
0:11:55 Key Number 9 at the end of the Blocks Obby!
0:12:13 Key Number 10 is on the Christmas Tree!
0:12:50 Key Number 1 is behind the pink and red thingy!
0:13:11 I got a Gold Speedy Egg Pop from the chest!
0:13:37 Codes Time!

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-- Roblox ICE CREAM SIMULATOR By Buck-A-Boo Games

-- About [Toy Land!] ICE CREAM SIMULATOR ????
???? Eat ice-cream to gain scoops and build the tallest ice-cream cone ever! Sell your ice-cream to the Ice-Cream Man for coins to unlock new flavors, cones, obbies and areas!
⭐ Toy Land! Enter at 300,000 rebirths from Main Area!
???? 2 New Quests in Toy Land! Complete for rewards!
???? 5 New Pets in Toy Land!
???? 2 Secret Pets in Toy Land!
???? Toy Chests! Open for 5 new shiny pets in Toy Land!
???? New Egg Pops in Toy Land!
???? 5 New Dark Hats!
???? 2 New Flavors, Cones and Popsicles!

Roblox ICE CREAM SIMULATOR Created 9/28/2018, Updated 12/10/2018, Max Players 9, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #IceCreamSimulator)

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