Roblox Hotel Trip Gamelog - July 11 2019

Roblox Hotel Trip Gamelog - July 11 2019


???? Roblox Hotel Trip Gameplay! Hotel Trip to Robloxia historical hotel! Nothing can go wrong RIGHT! LOUD WARNING!

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0:02:11 We arrived at the Robloxia historical hotel!
0:03:33 Black out in the life! Watch the left corner! Something came and captured Chocolate!
0:04:58 The guide is telling us a story about John Doe!
0:05:21 Another Blackout!
0:06:05 Can we survive the night? I saw John Doe!
0:07:40 John Doe Killed me!
0:08:06 We made it! Sort of!
0:09:01 The door's locked! John Doe!
0:09:59 Basement of the Hotel! We need to place dynamites of four pillars!
0:10:40 Why is there an obby here? It leads to a ladder but can't go up!
0:12:53 Chocolate found almost all the pillars!
0:13:05 Time to detonate the dynamites!
0:13:05 Oh I have to do the obby again to find the Exit!
0:14:26 We made it out!

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-- Hotel Trip [NEW STORY UPDATE] By Explosive Entertainment Studio Echo

-- About Hotel Trip
This is an adventure game, we recommend you wear headphones for the best experience or have sound on.
Take a trip with your friends to the oldest town in Robloxia! Stay in a historical hotel, and discover the mystery that lurks...
- New scene! Players now have to survive the night before leaving the hotel!
- Fixed stuck in bus bug
- Made John slightly weaker
- Fixed lobby bug

Roblox Hotel Trip Created 6/3/2019, Updated 7/9/2019, Max Players 35, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, HotelTrip)

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