Roblox Hiking Gamelog - July 09 2019

Roblox Hiking Gamelog - July 09 2019


???? Roblox Hiking Gameplay! I went Hiking and ended up ALONE at Mt. Robloxia! LOUD WARNING!

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0:02:25 Ready to LEAVE BOAT!
0:03:25 Reached the Cabin!
0:03:58 Wow Even I didn't know I was so EXCITED!
0:04:45 We found a Pond!
0:05:07 Somebody got poisoned!
0:05:30 Have to Run Back to the Cabin!
0:06:45 Finally we can go hiking on Mt. Robloxia!
0:07:40 We reached Mt. Robloxia!
0:09:20 Oh no Monster took one of our member!
0:09:54 Oh no all of the other members DIED!
0:11:16 Reached the Cave Camp!
0:12:12 NOW I'M REALLY ALONE! REZ is also taken by the monster!
0:12:58 Oh no! Which Plank? Will I DIE?
0:14:02 The rain kills you! RUN!
0:14:25 I made it back to the Cabin! ALL ALONE!

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-- Hiking By Reburden

-- About Hiking
???? Welcome to Hiking. You've been exclusively chosen to explore the wonders of Mt. Robloxia. Task at hand? Don't loose sight of your fellow marchers alongside, staying right behind your Tour Guide. Good luck, and have an amazing adventure that's yet to come. Nothing can go wrong, trust Rez.

Roblox Hiking Created 6/19/2019, Updated 6/20/2019, Max Players 45, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, #Hiking)

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