Roblox Hide n Seek Ultimate Gamelog - December 30 2018

Roblox Hide n Seek Ultimate Gamelog - December 30 2018


Roblox Hide n Seek Ultimate Gameplay! Cool NEW and VERY FUN Hide N Seek Game! VERY Loud Warning!

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:00:27 Talking to Phoebe and the Seekling!
0:02:12 Press C to craw and we are all babies crawling around the house!
0:03:18 Round 1 - Garage - Classic!
0:04:50 I was found!
0:06:03 This Seedling keep staring at me with dizzy eyes!
0:06:46 Oh my Gosh The IT is stuck!
0:08:00 Round 2 - Kitchen - Classic! Chocolate's IT!
0:09:19 Found a good hiding spot and Pinapple!
0:10:18 Found a shard!
0:12:34 Special Round Voting!
0:13:20 Round 3 - Special Round - Infection - Living Room Map!
0:16:43 Chocolate found a secret underwater cave!
0:17:25 Round 4 - Cabin!
0:19:47 OH NO! I got stuck under the chair!
0:21:42 Round 5 - Garage! Pinapple is IT!
0:22:44 Tries to hide with Chocolate but MY UNICORN HORN IS STICKING OUT!
0:26:32 Round 6 - Special Round - Playground!
0:28:45 Round 7 - Kitchen! Chocolate is IT!

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-- Roblox Hide n Seek Ultimate By Llama Train Studio

-- About Hide n Seek Ultimate
Welcome to Hide n Seek Ultimate. Play in several different play modes across multiple maps. Earn coins and Star Shards to hatch Seeklings that will accompany you in-game. Seeklings offer special power ups and bonuses that enhance your experience.
Added Seekling trading and 2 new maps, Prison and Fish Tank. To trade with another player, select their username in the leaderboard on screen, and select trade. You can check trade requests sent to you by selecting the trades button at the top left corner of your screen next to the chat button.

Roblox Hide n Seek Ultimate Created 10/18/2018, Updated 11/14/2018, Max Players 16, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #HidenSeekUltimate)

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