Roblox Hide and Seek ROBLOX Gamelog - September 02 2019

Roblox Hide and Seek ROBLOX Gamelog - September 02 2019


???? Roblox Hide & Seek ROBLOX Gameplay! New Fun Hide and Seek Game! Loud Warning!

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:02:39 Round 1 - Playground!
0:06:33 Round 2 - College Room!
0:12:24 Round 3 - Mechanics!
0:18:21 Round 4 - Train industry!
0:23:38 Round 5 - Kitchen!
0:29:43 Round 6 - Farm Barn!
0:35:14 Round 7 - Classroom!
0:41:06 Round 8 - Living Room!
0:47:08 Round 9 - Mechanics! Finally I'm the Seeker!

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-- Hide & Seek ROBLOX By Polaris Studios

-- About Hide & Seek ROBLOX
Use power ups to hide and escape the seekers, or be a seeker and catch the hiders!
Unlock new abilities and pets as you climb the global leaderboard to be the number 1 hider, or catch everyone in the server to earn bucket loads of gems!
Everyone who is caught becomes a seeker as well, so don't trust your friends with your best hiding place! Earn gems by surviving or catching other people, and unlock new pets or abilities as you learn the best spots on each map. Prove you're the best by climbing the leaderboard, and enjoy catching your friends!

Roblox Hide & Seek ROBLOX Created 10/15/2018, Updated 2/15/2019, Max Players 14, Genre Adventure. (Online Multiplayer Game, Hide & Seek ROBLOX)

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I Love you all Chloe Tubers!

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