Roblox Heroes of Robloxia Gamelog - June 30 2018

Roblox Heroes of Robloxia Gamelog - June 30 2018


Roblox Heroes of Robloxia Gameplay! Mission 5! Getting the Event Item (Satell-Hat) (warning LOUD SCREAMS)!

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0:02:14 WOW it took so long and so many tries for me to join mission 5!
0:02:56 Finally joining a server - btw this is only available in SOLO mode - no help from teams!
0:03:05 Step 1 - Destroy the METEOR!
0:03:33 Step 2 - Kill all the Baddies!
0:04:11 Step 3 - Use Telekinesis to float yourself up to the tower - LOL but I actually jumped up using the baddies as my steps!
0:05:44 OK no cheating, using Telekinesis to get up there!
0:06:16 Step 4 - Use SPEED to cut the wires and Strength to punch the buttons after you cut the wires (keep doing this for all three switches)!
0:08:53 Step 5 - Use Strength to push the laser gun (go to red arrow and SPAM E)!
0:09:31 Step 6 - Use Electricity to zap the laser gun machine buttons!
0:10:35 Step 7 - Use Strength to punch all four TANKS!
0:10:58 Step 8 - Use Electricity to zap the four wire tubes!
0:11:30 Step 9 - Jump on the tower and use Speed (remember to equip the number 2 power) to cut the six wires!
0:12:47 Step 10 - Use strength to kill COSMINUS!

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-- Roblox Heroes of Robloxia by Team Super

-- About #Roblox Heroes of Robloxia
[NEW MISSION: Universe Event - Cosminus Chaos!]
Complete this mission to win the "Satell-Hat" hat for your avatar.
A year has passed since the defeat of Darkmatter. Since then the city of Robloxia has rebuilt and evolved itself into the well civilized society it once was. But when a galactic ruler from another world arrives and threatens to collide the moon with the Earth, it's up to the Heroes and their newly recovered teammate to put a stop to Cosminus' diabolical plot. Become a Hero of Robloxia and #SaveTheBlox once again!

Roblox Heroes of Robloxia Created 5/20/2017, Updated 6/28/2018, Max Players 16, Genre Fighting. (Online Multiplayer Game, #HeroesofRobloxia)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
Roblox Heroes of Robloxia Gameplay! [UNIVERSE EVENT] Mission 1 to 4 (warning LOUD SCREAMS)! Stay Tune for Part 2 (MISSION 5)! -

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