Roblox Ghost Simulator Gamelog - June 18 2020

Roblox Ghost Simulator Gamelog - June 18 2020


????️ Roblox Ghost Simulator! How to SOLVE SECRET PUZZLES for the CORRUPTED Bo-ard! Loud Warning!

In this video, I played Roblox Ghost Simulator again! This time not to defeat the Final Boss but for a SECRET in the BloxByteHQ to get a secret Bo-Board also called Bo-ard. This board is actually not godly or mythical but CORRUPTED! One of it's kind! It's Ghost Hunter Bo who will usually only appear during events like: Dinosaur, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Event who will give you the final quest when you open the secret room door after solving all the puzzles.

To unlock the secret door to get to Ghost Hunter Bo, you need to figure out and solve puzzles in each developer's room or workspace.
First you need to get the Bo's Ghastly Cane from inside the pink chest in the teal room to start off the puzzle game! If you didn't get the cane first, you can't click the keys even if you found them.
Each room has one puzzle to unlock and solve, from keying in codes, colors, switches to typing in the chat! Amazingly designed escape room style puzzle quest! Fun but challenging at the same time!

Ghost Simulator, a roblox simulator game where players vacuums up ghosts for game currencies on top of the parts that different ghosts in different areas or biomes will drop when you get them. There's currently 4 different worlds with many biomes within each world. Main World, Ghost World, Backdoor and the new BloxByte HQ (Mini-World)! Teleportation to each of these different world means teleportation to another game server!

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:02:22 Entering the BloxByte HQ mini-world!
0:02:43 To start solving the puzzles in the other rooms, you need to go to the teal room (the one with boxes and a pink chest), Click on a green button behind the pink chest to open it and get a Bo's Ghastly Cane!
0:02:58 After you got the cane, you can start with any room first, I am going to start with the hardest room which is the green room!
0:03:01 Get a green key inside the wall plant!
0:03:12 To get the blue key, click on the laptop on the table! You have to watch this part to understand how to key in the codes. The difficult thing is that the keyboard on the laptop do not show any numbers so you have to figure out which button represents which number.
0:05:44 Now go to the big white board in the same room! flip over the 3 squares on the top right of the board, place in your blue and green key!
0:06:00 How to get the red key! Click the white board eraser and clean off all the markers on the board. Click on the marker to start drawing lines, only keep the red lines, if it draws black, click on the eraser to erase it and draw again!
0:07:01 The red key appears on the red drawing, pick it up and place it in the red key slot! This room is done!
0:07:21 Now for the pink room! Look for a piece of photo fragment behind the photo frame on the desk! Place that piece of photo fragment on to the picture with people holding coffee cups! Then pick up the battery behind that picture and place it behind the pink sofa! A color puzzle pops up!
0:08:02 To solve this color puzzle, look at the four corners of this room - find color sticks and place in the right color on the puzzle board!
0:08:56 It will ask you to do it again! This time pay attention to a small photo on the wall opposite! Use the color of the stars in the photo to complete the puzzle again!
0:09:39 It will ask you to do it yet again (don't worry this is the last time)! Go to the picture of the Christmas tree Boss, use the four color light coming out of it.
0:10:29 Yellow room! Find and click on the crowbar behind the yellow key chest! Use it on the drawer under the mirror! Get the USB and plug it into the computer in the same room! For the passcode, go back to the drawer and the code is inside!
0:11:36 After you used the passcode, you need to type 3 things in the game chat! Follow exactly what it says on the computer and a few secret wall will open! Flip the switch behind that wall and you are done with this room!
0:12:54 Red room! Click on one of the blue books on the book shelf! You get a wind-up key! Open the drawer and place the key in the keyhole inside the drawer! The bed will move and stand up. Key in the exact pattern on the keyboard in the same order!
0:14:28 Last Blue Room! Find a USB on top of the partition wall! Plug it into the computer!
0:14:57 Find the picture of a man pointing at a hole in his shirt, click that hole! A puzzle will appear, solve it using the curtain in this room!
0:15:53 We are done with all the puzzles! Go to the teal room where you found Bo's Ghastly Cane, place the cane inside a panel to open a door to a secret room!
0:16:00 Talk to Bo and he will give you a very easy quest then you will get the SECRET CORRUPTED BO-ARD!

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-- Roblox Ghost Simulator By BloxByte Games

-- About Ghost Simulator
Welcome to Ghost Simulator! Ghosts have taken over the world, and it's up to you to stop them!
???? Capture ghosts
???? Upgrade your equipment
???? Unlock Pets to help you along your journey
???? Defeat Bosses who threaten the safety of the world
???? Unlock Hoverboards
???? Explore the biomes
???? Complete quests to unveil the story and earn rewards
????️ UPDATE 57 ????️
- The Final Boss is here!
- 5 New Boss Chests with new rare Pets and Boards!
- Blaze is back with a new Questline in the Backdoor!
- Complete the Questline to gain Mythical-tier Rewards!
- New mini-world to explore!
- ...and more!
- Check social media for a free Pet/Board combo!
- Bug Fixes

Roblox Ghost Simulator Created 12/27/2018, Updated 6/14/2020, Max Players 12, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Ghost Simulator, How to get Bo-ard, How to solve puzzle, Bo board, Bloxbyte HQ, Final Boss)

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