Roblox Gardening Simulator Gamelog - July 18 2018

Roblox Gardening Simulator Gamelog - July 18 2018


Roblox ????Gardening Simulator???? Gameplay! Finding and GETTING PIXIE WATERING CANS with TEAM WORK! LOWER THE VOLUME!

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0:00:53 Starting on my first quest!
0:03:02 Getting my first Plant - I got a Portobello!
0:04:52 Got my first Pixie watering can as a reward for my quest and I turned my Portobello into a NOOB!
0:08:20 Trying to buy the infinite backpack and took several tries before I could Buy!
0:11:03 Getting a better tool!
0:14:46 Getting another quest!
0:15:53 Found a PIXIE WATERING CAN up on a tree!
0:17:09 Got the Pixie Watering Can on the tree!
0:20:19 Got a few more plants and used a watering can on my orange! I got a PUPPY!
0:22:22 We found another PIXIE WATERING CAN!
0:24:00 Got the Pixie watering can with help from friends!
0:26:51 Found another PIXIE WATERING CAN!
0:28:01 Got the Pixie Watering can with Team Work!
0:29:18 WATCH THIS PART! I GOT ANOTHER PIXIE WATERING CAN by Accident - it was on the stage!
0:33:22 Another Pixie Watering can at the palm tree on the beach!
0:33:42 Got the Pixie watering can on the palm tree on the beach!
0:40:59 Back to more quests!
0:45:28 Next Quest!

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-- Roblox Gardening Simulator by Imperatrix

-- About #Roblox Gardening Simulator
Explore and meet the quirky denizens of Garden Town, grow your own plant-pets until they get completely attached to you and follow you everywhere.????
Help power up the city, search for treasure and complete the many tasks the land and its members have to offer!

Roblox Gardening Simulator Created 2/17/2018, Updated 7/18/2018, Max Players 8, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #GardeningSimulator)

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