Roblox Draw It Gamelog - March 09 2020

Roblox Draw It Gamelog - March 09 2020


✏️ Roblox Draw It Gameplay! Just like Pictionary but more fun! Loud Warning!

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0:01:52 Creating a room!
0:02:38 Lets get Drawing!
0:03:13 Can you guess this drawing!
0:05:23 Finally My turn to draw!
0:09:43 Oh no his pet is puking blood!
0:11:43 I figured out from the Letters below not from his drawing of a very fat tree door!
0:13:34 Yeah My turn to draw!
0:20:11 I might not have drawn a very good leg!
0:23:41 MUST WATCH! This guy called all of us Noobs for not guessing his drawing! Can you guess it?
0:25:54 My turn to draw again!
0:33:44 My TURN!

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-- Roblox Draw It! By litten's Games

-- About Draw It
[????] Draw It is a multiplayer drawing game where every round has guessers and one artist. The artist will choose a word to draw, and the guesser will chat what they think the drawing is until they get it right. Guessing the correct word gives you points, which players can spend on word packs for more words to draw as the artist. Create parties and play with friends or join other servers.

Roblox Draw It Created 5/12/2019, Updated 2/25/2020, Max Players 100, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Draw It, Pictionary)

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I Love you all Chloe Tubers!

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