Roblox Darkenmoor Gamelog - October 20 2018

Roblox Darkenmoor Gamelog - October 20 2018


Roblox Darkenmoor Gameplay - Hallow's Eve Event 2018! Getting 4 Hallow's Eve Event Items! JUMP SCARES and Loud Warning!

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:00:35 When you enter the game, speak to Newt first to get the quest for the Elder Wand!
0:06:57 Entering my first game - Horde mode event map!
0:08:46 When it's wave 2 of the game to to the hut on the top of the hill behind the wheat or corn field to collect the case for the quest!
0:10:55 Wave 3 Somebody have to go to the top of the castle to release the boss - then you need to kill the boss and protect the hourglass!
0:12:21 We got the Event Item - Skeletal Masque! And a badge!
0:13:18 Entering second game - Monster vs Human - you have to try to find a Cat toy Item in the map! I lost this round!
0:17:12 Second try to get the Cat's Toy / Lure!
0:19:49 That's the Cat's lure you need to collect and I collected it!
0:21:07 Opps forget to enter AFK mode! So I'm in one more round of Horde mode event map!
0:25:27 Go talk to Newt!
0:25:48 Then go up to the obby and find a X mark on the floor - Look up at the tree top and Zouwu is there! Now you have to go back to Newt!
0:28:31 Go to where Newt was standing at, walk into the CASE on the floor!
0:28:47 Talk to Newt to get your EVENT ITEM - Elder Wand!
0:29:27 Walk to the door to go to another Event game - Sinister Swamp!
0:29:50 You will get another EVENT ITEM - Here Lies... Once you start loading in to the game! Sorry for the long loading time!
0:32:01 In Sinister Swamp, you need to find 10 different hidden doors that will teleport you to different games but each door give you a Halloween Event Item!
0:33:19 Found a door and going in to the game Stylz Makeover! I got another EVENT ITEM - Spider Antlers!
0:34:25 Going to try out the game a bit!
0:39:44 Chocolate lost connection - OH NO I'M BALD! I have to give myself a makeover!

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-- Roblox Darkenmoor [V 1.0.4] by Boid Studio

-- About Darkenmoor [V 1.0.4]
⚙Welcome to Darkenmoor, where time itself is broken and dark forces run amok. Will you survive?
⚙Darkenmoor is a Horror, Round-Based, Maze-Runner, Juggernaut, Survival game. 7 Humans are trapped in the Darkenmoor Mansion with 1 powerful Monster and must run out the clock or kill the Monster. Will you survive?
Hallow's Eve Event - Survive the all-new Horde mode and find a way to lure the monstrously large Zouwo back into your magic case to earn exclusive virtual rewards! Skeletal Masque and Elder Wand!

Roblox Darkenmoor [V 1.0.4] Created 7/21/2016, Updated 10/19/2018, Max Players 10, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, #Darkenmoor)

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