Roblox Cotton Candy Simulator Gamelog - November 29 2019

Roblox Cotton Candy Simulator Gamelog - November 29 2019


???? Roblox Cotton Candy Simulator Gameplay! 4 Codes! Eating LOTS OF COTTON CANDY! Loud Warning!

Code 1 : launch
Code 2 : sugar
Code 3 : coco
Code 4 : sorry

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:01:12 Found a jawbreaker! BITES and OPPS it bites back!!!
0:01:48 Codes time!
0:03:08 Finished my first quest!
0:03:20 It's Willy Wonka!
0:03:55 Time for some upgrades to my cotton candy tools!
0:04:36 Found Coco Snakes for my quest!
0:06:04 Done with my second quest!
0:06:42 I got a cute Hamster Pet!
0:07:49 Killing the Jawbreaker together with Chocolate!
0:11:29 I found a walking gummy bear!
0:12:27 Found another chest!
0:12:48 Another Chest!
0:13:23 Another Chest!
0:15:01 You can TRADE and chocolate gave me all the OP PETs somebody gave her! Also Money!
0:18:07 The pets Chocolate gave me came from this egg!
0:19:07 Found more chests!

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-- Cotton Candy Simulator By Dreamland Studios

-- About Cotton Candy Simulator
????Help Save Your Grandfather's Sweet Shop!
????Collect & Sell Cotton Candy to Beat Wonky!
????Complete Quests & Unveil Wonky's Secrets!
????Upgrade Your Skills to Be Best Candy Maker!
????Buy New Candy Wands & Candy Flavors!
⚔️Slay Wonky's Evil Candy Monsters!
????Buy Pets to Help You on Your Quest!
????Update 1 is now out for Cotton Candy Sim!
????A Whole New World to Explore! Sugar Beach!
❓Over 20 New Quests to Complete!
????25+ New Pets to Collect!
????50+ New Items to Unlock!

Roblox Cotton Candy Simulator Created 6/11/2019, Updated 10/28/2019, Max Players 8, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Cotton Candy Simulator, Codes)

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