Roblox Cinema Gamelog - August 29 2019

Roblox Cinema Gamelog - August 29 2019


???? Roblox Cinema Gameplay! Going to the movies in the Cinema turns out BAD! Loud Warning!

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0:01:25 Finally on the same bus as all my friends! Had to rejoin because we were not able to load into the same bus!
0:01:50 Reached the Cinema!
0:03:03 Free Pizza!
0:03:58 Getting into the Movie Theater!
0:04:45 Found a monster from the movie we watched!
0:05:06 Me and Chocolate hiding int he Girls Toilet!
0:08:05 Do not get on the bus!
0:09:01 Maze!
0:10:03 This obby is hard!
0:11:01 We have to give it a go!
0:14:25 We died and got the Tragedy Award!

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-- Cinema By BaconLivesMatter_xD

-- About Cinema
???? You and a group, go out to see the new movie, Night Out! Along with your friendly bus driver Steve, you'll get your tickets and head inside. Enjoy the movie! ????

Roblox Cinema Created 7/4/2019, Updated 8/27/2019, Max Players 35, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, Cinema)

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