Roblox Castle Gamelog - December 12 2019

Roblox Castle Gamelog - December 12 2019


???? Roblox Castle Gameplay! [Story] This was really FUN! Only collected 6 out of 8 Crowns! Loud Warning!

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0:03:27 Entered the room!
0:05:53 Diana's bed is bouncy!
0:06:19 I got the key!
0:07:21 I found the first crown inside this King's painting!
0:09:38 Maze with GIANT SPIDERS!
0:11:55 Obby to pull that lever! Also to get another Crown!
0:13:14 Crystal Ball Riddles!
0:13:47 Another Crown here!
0:16:00 Floor is LAVA!
0:16:32 Fourth Crown is here!
0:17:35 The ghost's Game!
0:20:16 The Fifth Crown is right there beside Diana's cage!
0:21:07 Did it and now to get that crown!
0:22:26 Time to play Simon says or Knight Says!
0:24:58 If you want the good ending do not kill the dragon!
0:26:35 The sixth crown is here!

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-- Castle [Story] By Ponchokings

-- About Castle [Story]
Welcome to Castle [Story]!
Note: It's a challenging game!
???? Long before the time of planes... There was a group of princes and princesses locked in a tower. But for what reason..? That's a secret you will have to discover. After a long wait It's finally time to escape the Castle..!

Roblox Castle [Story] Created 10/4/2019, Updated 12/10/2019, Max Players 40, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, Castle, Story, Crown Locations)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
Roblox Flee the Facility Gameplay! Playing with SANTA and wonderful Friends! -

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