Roblox Bubble Wrap Simulator Gamelog - June 23 2018

Roblox Bubble Wrap Simulator Gamelog - June 23 2018


Roblox Bubble Wrap Simulator Gameplay! 5 CODES! Satisfaction of POPING BUBBLE WRAPS!

Code 1 : RELEASE ($200)
Code 2 : BlackWaterGames ($100)
Code 3 : 5hundad ($500)
Code 4 : BubbleWrapGod ($100)
Code 5 : 20k00 ($500)

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0:00:30 Codes time!
0:03:05 Checking out the store and buying a better backpack!
0:16:00 Upgrading my backpack again!
0:21:00 Wow I found a Diamond worth 500 coins!

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-- Roblox Bubble Wrap Simulator by devHoodie

-- About #Roblox Bubble Wrap Simulator
Go around the warehouse popping bubble wrap(with your shoes!) to collect coins!
After collecting coins deposit them at the ATMs!
Upgrade your shoes to pop strong bubble wrap and obtain more coins!
Upgrade your backpack to hold more coins before depositing them!
Find hidden Gems and Diamonds in the Bubble Wrap for even more coins!

Roblox Bubble Wrap Simulator Created 1/28/2018, Updated 3/25/2018, Max Players 6, Genre Comedy. (Online Multiplayer Game, #BubbleWrapSimulator)

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Roblox Bubble Wrap Simulator Gameplay / KawaiiChloeLim June 2018 Gamelog / Chloe Tuber Channel


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