Roblox Brother Gamelog - January 04 2020

Roblox Brother Gamelog - January 04 2020


Roblox Brother Gameplay! Wow My brother has BAD ENGLISH! Loud Warning!

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0:02:22 On the bus to visit my Brother!
0:03:27 Wow there's free medicine kit around the porch!
0:05:40 Bed time!
0:06:31 Run from the Monster!
0:07:06 Ok I totally didn't understand this sentence!
0:08:32 The light switch is in the room with the cake!
0:11:05 Go to the room with the cake - simply translated by me!
0:11:51 Lucky I didn't get food - It was Poisoned!
0:14:21 Secret Entrance in the cake!
0:14:41 Obby!
0:16:26 Floor is on fire!
0:19:57 The fire extinguisher is in the kitchen at a corner! Click on it and the fire at the front door will be gone!

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-- Roblox Brother By Creator_Edguita

-- About Brother
(Welcome We Are Going To Visit Our Brother In His House And A Time... something very strange happened...)

Roblox Brother Created 10/11/2019, Updated 12/28/2019, Max Players 12, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Brother, Story)

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