Roblox Break In Gamelog - April 11 2020

Roblox Break In Gamelog - April 11 2020

???? Roblox Break In (Story) Gameplay! Getting The Brainfreeze Egg [Roblox Egg Hunt 2020]! Loud Warning!

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0:02:51 Lets get into the truck to go to the house!
0:03:10 When you reach, go talk to a person outside the house name Chilly Charlie to get a quest!
0:05:30 We activated the Egg Hunt Portal!
0:06:15 Now to go play the story game and survive until the third day to fight the boss and win it to get the Brainfreeze Egg!
0:10:51 WAIT who boarded up the toilet seat!
0:15:15 Finally time to enter the Egg Hunt Portal and fight the Devil Egg Boss!
0:18:38 We did it, we Locked the Devil Egg Boss In an Ice Egg and got the Egg Hunt 2020 Item The Brainfreeze Egg!
0:19:05 Lets just continue the game until the end!
0:21:15 Final Boss Fight - I have tried this before and couldn't make it! Can I make it this time?

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-- Roblox Break In (Story) By Cracky4

-- About Break In (Story)
Move in day! There are white brick balconies, an absence of drapes, nostalgic pictures lining the walls and the smell of new house. A wooden staircase leads upstairs where 12 beds wait lamely for occupants.
The night may be stormy, but there are 11 unfamiliar players for you to meet, and a house full of secrets waiting to be discovered.
Oh, and the murderers. I almost forgot to mention the murderers.
- Egg Hunt 2020 (Brainfreeze Egg)! How do you like your eggs? Frozen? Perfect.

Roblox Break In (Story) Created 9/9/2019, Updated 4/10/2020, Max Players 70, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Break In, Brainfreeze Egg, Easter Egg Hunt 2020, Roblox Egg Hunt 2020)

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I Love you all Chloe Tubers!

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