Roblox Book of Monsters Gamelog - July 29 2018

Roblox Book of Monsters Gamelog - July 29 2018


Roblox Book of Monsters Gameplay! PUSH THE BUTTONS to kill the MONSTERS!

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0:02:10 Completed my tutorial and got a Cyan Minotaur Costume!
0:03:37 My first round - Pushed a few buttons but I died!
0:06:55 AHH what happen to Chocolate's Hair!
0:07:05 Second Round - Died Again!
0:10:07 I respawn as a Minion!
0:11:43 Round 3 - Chocolate is the monster and we won!
0:15:23 Round 4 - I am a monster!
0:17:59 Round 5 - We won!
0:20:00 Chocolate's hair shrunk again!
0:20:28 Round 6!
0:25:53 Round 7!

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-- Roblox Book of Monsters by Cosmic Workshop

-- About Roblox Book of Monsters
If you like destroying things, then this game is perfect for you.
In Book of Monsters, there are two teams: the Humans, and the Monsters. The humans must defeat the giant Monsters by jumping on the self-destruct buttons on their backs, while avoiding their destructive attacks.

Roblox Book of Monsters Created 6/14/2016, Updated 7/29/2018, Max Players 20, Genre Comedy.

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